We develop new biophysical methods to understand how molecular machines edit and repair our genomes. Current lab interests include CRISPR-cas adaptive immunity and eukaryotic DNA repair.

August 16, 2018: Michael Soniat receives a departmental Travel Award to attend the Keystone Symposia meeting in January 2019. Kudos!

August 10, 2018: The website gets a major refresh as it moves from web2py (bleh!) to Jekyll+GitHub. Thanks to Jim and Nicole for their awesome help during this major undertaking.

August 7, 2018: IJF co-panels a public discussion with Sahotra Sarkar on the promise and peril of CRISPR gene editing at the Austin Forum on Technology and Society. Event details and video

July 25, 2018: Congrats to Jeff Hongshan and Michael on their new Langmuir paper describing a better way to make ssDNA curtains!

July 18, 2018: The lab publishes an eLife paper on how heterochromatin spreads with Bassem Al-Sady’s group at UCSF.

Published 18 Oct 2018
DNA-PKcs promotes DNA end processing

Deshpande et al., BioRxiv (2018)

Published 19 Aug 2018
Published 02 Aug 2018
Published 24 Jul 2018