We develop new biophysical methods to understand how molecular machines edit and repair our genomes. Current lab interests include CRISPR-cas adaptive immunity and eukaryotic DNA repair.

September 29, 2020: Congratulations to Jami, Alvin, and Kamyab for their work in collaboration with James Musser’s lab and mentioned by the Washington Post.

September 7, 2020: Congratulations to Stephen and John on the release of their NucleaSeq publication in Nature Biotechnology.

August 31, 2020: Alexis Hill joins the lab as a rotation student!

July 27, 2020: Congrats to Yoori and Nicole on their collaborative paper in Nature Microbiology with Dr. Richard Bennett.

July 23, 2020: The Finkelstein, McLellan, and Maynard labs publish a paper in Science on a structure based design of SARS-CoV-2 spikes. Congrats to Jeff, Jami, Kamyab, Alvin, and the entire collaborative team.