The Finkelstein group is an interdisciplinary team of biophysicists seeking to discover how molecular machines maintain and edit our genetic information. We combine molecular biology with micro-/nano- engineering and single-molecule biophysics. We are especially interested in scientists that are at the interface of biophysics, bioinformatics, and molecular biology. However, For specific job openings, see below:

Postdoc Openings

Applicants with a strong background in bioinformatics, molecular (bio)physics, biomedical engineering, or computer science are strongly encouraged to apply. However, enthusiasm, a strong work ethic and a record of success in your graduate career are the only requirements. Please email Ilya a CV and a cover letter that explains why you are interested in the lab. In your email, please indicate whether you are eligible for postdoc fellowships, such as:

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list.

Graduate Students

Prospective graduate students with a strong background in molecular biophysics, bioinformatics, or biomedical engineering can join the lab by applying to a number of graduate programs at UT Austin. Possibilities include:

Undergraduate Students

The laboratory strives to include exceptional undergraduates with prior research experience in the life of the lab. To get started in research, please apply to these or related Freshman Research Initiative streams:

Students that are interested in joining the lab are encouraged to email Ilya a resume, unofficial transcript, and a short (one-page) summary of their prior research project. Applications without a one page research summary will not be considered.