12-12:  Congratulations to Yoori for her new paper in NAR describing the role of intrinsically disordered regions in the MutLα mismatch repair complex.

12-03:  Congratulations to Mike Soniat on his recent publication in PNAS!

11-12:  Kuang Hu joins the lab as a rotation student.

11-05:  Yoori is awarded a PhD! Congrats!

10-18:  Congrats to Kaylee, Max, Nicole, Yoori, and Logan on their CRISPR adaptive immunity paper in Cell.

08-16:  Michael Soniat receives a departmental Travel Award to attend the Keystone Symposia meeting in January 2019. Kudos!

08-10:  The website gets a major refresh as it moves from web2py (bleh!) to Jekyll+GitHub. Thanks to Jim and Nicole for their awesome help during this major undertaking.

08-07:  IJF co-panels a public discussion with Sahotra Sarkar on the promise and peril of CRISPR gene editing at the Austin Forum on Technology and Society. Event details and video

07-25:  Congrats to Jeff Hongshan and Michael on their new Langmuir paper describing a better way to make ssDNA curtains!

07-18:  The lab publishes an eLife paper on how heterochromatin spreads with Bassem Al-Sady’s group at UCSF.

07-13:  Fatema leaves the lab to start her graduate studies in the UCSF tetrad program.

06-20:  Congrats to John and Stephen on their new indel-correcting DNA barcodes paper in PNAS, done in collaboration with Bill Press of the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences at UT.

06-01:  Kamyab Javanmardi joins the lab as a rotation student!

05-15:  John Cooper joins as a joint graduate student between the Finkelstein and Matouschek Labs.

05-01:  Hung-Che Kuo (Jami) joins the Finkelstein Lab as a graduate student!

05-01:  Dr. Max Brown defends his dissertation!

05-01:  Dr. Logan Myler defends his dissertation!

04-30:  Stephen Jones receives a departmental Travel Award to attend the Cold Spring Harbor CRISPR meeting in August 2018.

04-20:  Dr. John Hawkins defends his dissertation!

04-15:  Michael Soniat presents a talk at the annual Structural Biology of DNA Repair conference.

03-28:  Kaylee Dillard is awarded an F31 Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral Individual National Research Service Award.

03-12:  IJF co-panels a discussion with Dan Gibson and Rachel Haurwitz on genome editing at SXSW interactive.

02-16:  Stephen Jones attends the AAAS Annual Meeting, where he participates in Classroom Science Days, presenting to students at Bailey Middle School on how he became a scientist.

02-12:  Yoori Kim presents a poster at the 3rd DNA replication/repair Structures and Cancer conference in Cancun MX.

01-02:  Hongshan Zhang joins the lab as a Postdoc after completing his PhD at Aix-Marseille University in the laboratory of Dr. Mauro Modesti.


10-23:  Jim Rybarski gave a talk on his Cas12a work at the Cell Symposia CRISPR conference.

10-22:  Kaylee Dillard presents a poster at the Cell Symposia CRISPR From Biology to Technology and Novel Therapeutics.

09-23:  Stephen Jones releases his first album as cellist in the Austin-based band, Bone Pilots, titled Satellite.

08-07:  Congrats to Logan, Nacho, Michael, and Yoori on their new Molecular Cell paper describing how MRN works on chromatin and DNA ends. in Molecular Cell (“Single-Molecule Imaging Reveals How Mre11-Rad50-Nbs1 Initiates DNA Break Repair”)

08-01:  Michael Soniat is awarded the American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellowship!!!

06-27:  The laboratory publishes a Cell paper on how to repurpose NGS chips for biophysical studies of CRISPR proteins in collaboration with Ellington, Press, Ke and Savran laboratories.

06-01:  Members of the Finkelstein Lab are interviewed by the The Daily Texan, The Austin-American Statesman, and The Wall Street Journal for their recently-published work on CRISPR in Cell.

04-17:  Congrats to Michael, Logan, Jeff, Yoori, and Nacho on their new paper on Next-Gen DNA Curtains in Methods in Enzymology

02-01:  Nicole Johnson joins the lab as our new lab manager!

02-01:  Jim Rybarski officially joins the Finkelstein Lab as a graduate student!

01-31:  The laboratory publishes a paper describing the extraordinary longevity of fission yeast in eLife.

01-17:  Congrats to Yoori and Armando on their new paper in Scientific Reports describing how to make better single-molecule DNA substrates.

01-08:  Stephen Jones is awarded the Keystone Symposia Future of Science Fund Scholarship and attends the Keystone Symposium on Genome Engineering.


10-03:  Logan Myler awarded an NCI F99/K00 Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Transition Fellowships.

08-01:  Stephen Jones is awarded an F32 postdoctoral fellowship from the National Institute on Aging!

07-17:  Michael Soniat joins the lab after completing his PhD at University of Texas Southwestern in the laboratory of Dr. Yuh Min Chook.

05-01:  Jeff Schaub joins the lab!


07-30:  Yoori Kim gets the prestigious HHMI International Scholar Fellowship. Congratulations Yoori! CNS Press Release

05-02:  Jim Rybarski graduates with a B.S. in Biochemistry. Jim will be staying with us as a research scientist as he continues to crush science!

05-01:  Kaylee Dillard joins the lab to study aspects of CRISPR-cas adaptive immunity.

04-05:  Stephen Jones et al publish a Bio-Protocol paper on how to capture and watch single fission yeast cells over their entire lifespans.

03-01:  IJF is awarded an NSF CAREER award to study mechanisms of genome maintenance. CNS press release

02-02:  Logan Myler will be presenting a short talk on our work with EXO1 at the Mammalian DNA Repair Gordon Research Conference. Congratulations!

02-01:  Dr. Stephen Jones joins the laboratory after completing his PhD at Brown University in the laboratory of Richard Bennett.


05-14:  Jim Rybarski joins the lab to work on the mechanisms of aging in fission yeast.

04-01:  Logan Myler is awarded prize for the best short talk at the annual Molecular BioSciences retreat. Great work!


09-01:  Yoori Kim joins the lab!


09-01:  Dr. Ignacio Gallardo joins the lab. Welcome Nacho!

08-01:  Greg Hild joins the lab as lab manager, technician and espresso connoisseur. Welcome Greg!

07-02:  IJF receives the NIH Pathway to Independence R00 award.